Nyotron Interface Design


Nyotron develops ‘Paranoid’ - the first-ever OS-Centric Positive Security system. A key feature to Paranoid is the War Room which provides in-depth details about an attack as it happens. We were commissioned to vastly improved the Nyotron War Room while leveraging its look and feel to all of Nyotron products.


A state of the art security coupled with a striking visual experience. ‘Paranoid’ is the last line of defence.

Look and feel are crucial

There is a war going on, and ‘Paranoid’ is the last line of defence. Externalising the sophistication of the product helps to relieve the customer’s anxiety and build trust

This is a tool, not a game

The users of the product are professional data analysts. They need a tool that is sturdy, understandable and easy to navigate.

From concept to viability

The War Room was a proof of concept. We turned it to a viable product.

When we arrived at the scene, Nyotron War Room was a neat concept. The overall concept was strong and impressive, but key features where not included while others where not needed. The overall experience was not tight, and lacked a cohesive visual look & feel.

Rethinking the flows

Together with the product team, we reviewed and tweaked the flows and data presentations to include many more details and personas.

Streamlining the UI

We took the look and feel to the next level - incorporating new modules, iconography, graphs and a far clearer and attractive typography.

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Malicious processes graph

We introduced a new animated ‘AKG’ style graph, that besides being informative, is giving more life and visual appeal.

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System overview panel

The overview panel was completely redesigned using the new and improved modules and behaviours, so functionality was enhanced and the look and feel became much more attractive and clear.

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Security violations list

We devised a new way to accumulate violations, by having a list with rows consisting of 25 lines, representing up to 4 violations each.

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We streamlines and enhanced the look and behaviour of the charts and added a much bolder typography with a clearer hierarchy.

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Nods and actions

The nodes on the globe where refined and aligned to the new look. We introduced new iconography and indicators.

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Endpoint panel

We redesigned the endpoint panel so that each endpoint type will have its entire details available. We introduced new modules, font hierarchy and iconography, and revamped the ‘attacked assets’ list


The end result is a brand new War Room - the centrepiece of Nyotron’s products. We continued the process to redesign all of ‘Paranoid’ products under the same style guide and behaviour of the revamped War Room.

Leveraging the design

Implementing the visual language of the War Room to the Management Console

‘Paranoid Management Console’ (PMC) is a state of the art lore ipsum, enableing data analysts to do things very efficiently. Alas, the user interaction was not optimal, mainy ‘Paranoid Management Console’ is a state of the art lore ipsum.

The logic

The main challenge in designing the PMC was the fact that the user will transfer from a non-scrollable, centric build (the War Room) to a spread-out, data laden scrollable build. The solution was to have the same upper section (incorporating the logo, breadcrumbs and search) while using side and down panels that encapsulate the data in the middle.

logic-img +

A non-scrollable centerlized build, with the globe at the center, and data/acttions panels from all sides

logic-img =

A spreaded-out build, based on the user scrolling the page, with large differentiated data clusters.


Merging the 2

Encompassing all assets

Creating a consistent visual language to all Nyotron’s products

Completing the design

Nyotron’s ‘Paranoid’ is a feature rich platform with many screens and modules. Each section has been redefined and redesigned to be an integral part of the paranoid package.

Branding & marketing

We streamlined the brand identity including online and offline presence, presentations, marketing collateral and videos.

Health Center

Twenty Huge professionals embedded within the Telus team to craft a new design and development model.

Status alerts

Twenty Huge professionals embedded within the Telus team to craft a new design and development model.

Marketing etc’

Twenty Huge professionals embedded within the Telus team to craft a new design and development model.