Menora Mivtachim

Pension - Ready for the digital age

Menora Mivtachim is the leading pension fund in Israel and one of the largest insurance companies in Israel. With over 3000 employees, the company provides a professional service to more than a million customers. The company operates all over the country and boasts an array of 1,200 qualified professionals.

As part of its online strategy, digital services are now given that obviate the need to contact a representative or an agent. These include calculators and simulators that give a visual understanding of investments, pension enrollment systems, pension management systems and more.

Work Done

Naturally, the digital products of Menora Mivtachim are full of forms, text fields and buttons. The main design challenge is keeping a clear, understandable and engaging user experience amidst all the textual and numerical information while keeping the brand's values of stability, solidity and modernity.
This is done by stratifying the textual fields, separating them to different consecutive stages and selectively presenting them according to the flow. The brand values are kept by using the brown-yellow color scheme in interesting combinations, structuring the pages in a conservative fashion and relying on high quality stock photography.

We've worked with Liquid on numerous collaborative projects over the years. They're fantastic at what they do - from the specification phase, to the UI and design .perfectly capturing the brand values. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Nadav tesler, Prodtct manager at Menora Mivtachim Pension