Tel Aviv Economic Development Authority

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority Ltd. is a municipal corporation owned by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality. The Authority aim is to realize the raw business-economic potential of the municipality's assets. Two of TA-EDA main operations are the Jaffa Port and the bikes for rent initiative Tel-O-Fun. We have issued numerous designs for both, including posters, advertisements and on-line marketing materials.

Work Done

Jaffa Port is positioned as a place of tranquility, co-existence, tradition and art. Following the brand's guidelines, we have issued designs that speak both Hebrew and Arabic, and are characterized with delicate oriental lines and elements, free-hand illustrations and a lot of white space.

Exceptional and beautiful designs combined with the highest standards of service. I'll definitely want to work with you again.

Ravit Havakuk, Marketing Director, TA-EDA