SME Markets

A financial collaborative marketplace for small and medium enterprises

SME Markets was established in order to create viable loan alternatives for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and to open new lending channels for a wide range of financial institutions. To this end, SME Markets has developed an online collaborative marketplace where SME borrowers are able to submit borrowing requests and funders can identify lending opportunities that match their specific lending criteria. SME Markets serves as a facilitator for these interactions; providing expert financial assistance to borrowers and secure bankable transactions for funders, making the entire lending process much more time and cost efficient.

Work done - Branding, UI specifications, UX, Projects Management and Implementation.

Branding Process

The Platform

The design features of the SME Markets platform take into consideration the funding process from origination to execution and simplifies the process for both borrowers and funders.

Based on a modern grid suitable for tablets and desktops, the platform is divided into a managing section on the left, and a versatile section on the right displaying the marketplace, the relevant information per request, its progress towards conclusion, user profile and system notifications. The facilitation of funding requests and lending opportunities via the platform is further enhanced by the ability of borrowers and funders to hold direct negotiations by text messages, file uploads and graphic indicators.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace operates as the platform billboard, consisting of numerous borrowing requests and funding opportunities. Each post displays the company temporary name (in order to secure identity) and basic information regarding the request/opportunity. The post can be expanded to show full information and contact buttons.

Search Requests

Funders can filter between borrowing requests by region, country, sector and amount requested. Each search can be saved for future use and be accessed through a list of saved searches.

Negotiation Management

Through the negotiation page the user can edit his request/opportunity, open or freeze the negotiation, upload files and send messages, view negotiation milestones via the history bar and get indications for new texts and files waiting to be seen

Company Website

Liquid put together a strong team of Internet developers who worked very productively to complete the project on time and within budget. They had a very good understanding of the functionality and in fact their development engineers enhanced the operational functionality of the platform.

Erol Riza, Founder and Business Advisor SME Markets