Making loyalty plans social, playable, and interactive on-the-go

OnDeGo is the next step in the evolution of retail membership clubs. By utilizing gamification social features within mobile loyalty plans, OnDeGo aims to help connect loyal customers, big spenders and opinion leaders with their favorite brands.
OnDeGo is accessible to shoppers by a stand-alone retailers white label app, or by a gateway app, providing easy access to various loyalty plans without the need to download them on a separate basis

Work Done

OnDeGo aim is to transform the shopping experience to a social, game-like one, while making loyalty plans and their benefits much more available, intuitive and easy to use. OnDeGo customers are young people between the ages of 17-25 who spend their time and money in shopping malls and are totally immersed in the world of fashion and social networking.
The main challenge therefore was developing a sexy, trendy design language to what is an essentially a 'Hard-Sale' application. The challenge was met by relying on restrained typography and clean, sharp lines together with design elements from the world of fashion – the worm soft fabric like background, seams and stiches elements and glossy buttons. All these together with an innovative user experience created an application that fit perfectly in the gloss and shine of modern shopping malls.

Animated UI

The animated fan-like sharing UI enables an easy and intuitive one-handed operation. Once the buttons are out, they’re a natural thumb’s reach from the corner of the device.

Design Language

Developing a sexy, trendy design language was done by using design elements from the world of fashion – fabric like background, seams and stiches, glossy buttons and large high quality marketing images.


The core concept of OnDeGo is addressing the user as a player, with his interests and motivation at the center of the design. This was done by introducing game thinking and game mechanics to the application, as rewards for accomplishments, competition between players, achievement badges, filling of a progress bar and providing the user with virtual currency