Mochilero Guide

Choose, Plan and Manage Your Trip Online

Mochilero is a unique, virtual travel resource and community, serving as the savvy trekker’s digital Swiss Army Knife for every conceivable travel need. The brain child of travel junkies, it is unique in the way with which it has deconstructed the travel experience and anticipated the traveler’s needs from both a technological perspective, as well as the physical infrastructure of their network.

Work Done

Based on the idea that every trip is divided into three stages, ie choosing, planning and managing, mochilero conceived three separate but complementary environments to work in. The main challenge was creating a consistent experience for the user when he's moving from one environment to the other.

Choose your trip

Mochileo Guide's website is a cross between a 'lonely planet' style magazine, trekkers information center and a company's portfolio. To avoid clutter and give a definitive character, the homepage was designed as a news website, with a dominant leading stories section, trekkers tips and routes as supporting articles and follow-ups in the bottom.

Plan your trip

The heart of mochilero is the trip planner. Designed as a step by step process, the system builds a list of trips derived from the user's info (date, budget, trip style and destination) cross-sectioning it with a data base of other user's recommended places and routes. The end result is a a detailed itinerary built on proven high-points, shown on a customized google map.

Manage your trip

The third instance of mochilero is the trip manager. Designed as part of the user's personal page, it allows the user to change the trip route and itinerary and share it with other users.

Working with Liquid is a great experience.

Noam Altrovici, Founder