FriendlyMap allows users to interact on a shared geographic map, using a google map based interface. FriendlyMap makes it is possible to pin on the map thoughts (location based texts), notifications, places of interest etc' and to have lively conversations upon them with fellow users, including texts, images, pictures and videos. The app uniqueness is in its ability to create points of interest without restriction - on the beach, in work, while commuting etc', utilizing for the individual the wisdom of the crowd.

FriendlyMap aims for a global open community, helping its members to find the right place at the right time - because people are everywhere!

Work Done

Being based on an interactive map on which users search and converse, the main challenge was creating a design language that will naturally merge with the map, enrich it but not overshadow it. The solution was adjusting the size and style of the buttons to the existing ones of google map, basing the color theme on the map pushpin and superimposing all the content as layers, so the the map, or a background simulating it, will be constantly visible in all the app screens thus giving a constant experience.

A very professional job, done in the best possible way.

Yaniv Finkelshtein, Founder